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We’ve written dozens of buying guides on weather instruments, home and garden, and more. We’ve organized them below to help you make the best choice. These guides are updated regularly.

Top Home Weather Station Brands

These brands are some of the most frequently searched for by readers. We’ve broken down the product lineups for each.

Weather Instruments

Weather is our focus, and we have you covered with buyers guides for all types of weather instruments.

KestrelMet 6000

Weather Stations

When accuracy matters most, choose the best home weather stations equipped with features for enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals alike.

More Weather Station Buyers Guides:

For Kids Budget Models Canada Australia UK and the EU
kestrel 1000

Handheld Weather Stations

For accurate weather readings anywhere, the best handheld weather stations on our list are a perfect fit.

how to set noaa weather radio codes

Weather Radios

Find the best weather radio for your needs with our comprehensive guide. Stay safe and prepared with accurate weather radio alerts, even in severe storms.

sensorpush htp xw

WiFi Temperature Sensors

Looking for the best WiFi temperature sensors? Discover our top picks for optimal environmental conditions in your space.

Digital weather station displaying outdoor and indoor conditions.

Indoor Outdoor Thermometers

From affordable picks to premium choices, explore the best indoor outdoor thermometers for accurate temperature monitoring.

stratus rain gauge mounted on fence

Rain Gauges

Discover the best rain gauge for your needs. From affordable choices to professional-grade models, our top picks deliver accurate rainfall measurements!

talos lightning detector how does a lightning detector work

Lightning Detectors

Stay protected from nature’s fury with the best lightning detectors available. Expert reviews and in-depth analysis to help you choose wisely.

best hygrometers - cigar oasis humidor hygrometer


The best hygrometers help you understand and manage your environment’s humidity levels and are ideal for comfort, health, and preserving valuables.

Health & Home

It doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside: if your home isn’t comfortable, you won’t be either. Check out our reviews of gadgets to help improve that.

awair element air quality monitor

Air Quality Monitors

Ensure a healthier home with our picks for the best air quality monitors. Detect dust, pet dander, radon, and more.

improve indoor air quality

Air Purifiers

An air purifier can be an excellent tool for removing odors from your home or office space. Here’s the best air purifier for odors according to our tests.


The best humidifiers are perfect in the winter to prevent dry air, helping you to feel more comfortable and breathe better in your home.

homelabs dehumdifier in hallway


Improve your home’s air quality with the best dehumidifiers. Our choices feature smart-home compatibility, continual drainage, and energy efficiency.

galileo thermometer

Galileo Thermometers

Our picks for the best Galileo thermometers add a bit of functional elegance to your home’s decor!

Outdoor & Garden

You can’t enjoy the weather if you’re not outside. These lists will have you out and enjoying the outdoors in no time.

go plus garden cart

Garden Gadgets

Warmer weather means it’s time to invest in garden gadgets that will simplify your outdoor tasks. Find the perfect gadgets for your gardening goals today.

Jackery SolarSaga 200, one of the best portable solar panels on the market.

Solar Generators

Discover top solar generators for off-grid living with expert insights, detailed reviews, and advice on choosing the perfect models that fit your needs for a sustainable lifestyle.

Woman with portable solar panels in snowy forest setting.

Portable Solar Panels

Explore the best portable solar panels. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, off-grid adventurers, and emergency preparedness. Clean, sustainable energy on the go!

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How we test

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