Affiliate Link Policy

Across The Weather Station Experts’ web pages, buttons and text links may take you to various online retailers. Clicking on these links and buying something from these retailers may result in our site earning a small commission. These revenues help support the site and compensate our writers for their work.

Our contributors write about and review products without regard to affiliate links’ inclusion (or lack thereof). The placement or number of affiliate links does not change based on ratings. The placement of affiliate links does not constitute an endorsement by The Weather Station Experts of a particular manufacturer or retailer or our parent company, The Weather Whys Company.

For more on how we test, see this page.

We often link to Amazon, which is often the cheapest and has the fastest shipping. However, we may include links to other retailers or the manufacturers themselves. Manufacturers may also offer our readers exclusive promo codes, at their discretion, which are subject to end at any time and are not guaranteed.

Sometimes, we may present you with a choice of retailers to purchase a recommendation from. We do so to help find our readers the best available deal. Prices may change rapidly, so review all options before making a purchase.

Readers should always compare prices when more than one partner’s link appears with a product. While The Weather Station Experts may display real-time pricing occasionally, we can not guarantee the accuracy of such pricing. It is the general policy of The Weather Station Experts to list a purchase price when our agreements permit us to, as we believe you shouldn’t have to click through to find out a price.

When clicking on an affiliate link, The Weather Station Experts strongly recommends you review that site’s privacy policy. While we try to only partner with retailers with a clear and comprehensive policy on how your personally identifiable information is used, we have no control over a partner site’s policy regarding your privacy. Our privacy policy can be found here.

From time to time, The Weather Station Experts may post content written on behalf of or by manufacturers or service providers that are relevant to our readers. These posts will be clearly labeled as such and include the tag #sponsored in any social media postings. While we enforce strict guidelines on what types of sponsored content we accept, the opinions and views expressed in these articles are of the author, not The Weather Station Experts or its parent company, The Weather Whys Company.

Updated March 12, 2024