How We Test

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In the interest of transparency, we want to disclose how we select weather stations and gadgets, test these devices, and accept weather stations and gadgets for testing. Many review sites don’t test the products — they instead rely on customer reviews to form their opinions. We do things a bit differently.

How We Select What to Test

Weather stations and gadgets selected for testing meet our requirements for a standard feature set that we look for and often for standout features. We do accept devices offered for testing from manufacturers. We do not accept monetary compensation in exchange for reviews from manufacturers. From time to time, manufacturers might purchase advertising either through our ad partners Ezoic and Google AdSense or directly through us. We do not actively solicit companies to advertise on their reviews, nor do any ad purchases have any bearing on selected products.

Our privacy policy includes more information on our advertising policies.

How We Select Products for our Roundups

We must include products that we have not had personal experience with from time to time. These frequently appear in our product roundups. When these products are included, we rely on reviews posted to retailer websites on Amazon and other sites.

Most sites mark actual customers with a “verified purchase,” which are the reviews we use to judge for selection in a product roundup. Non-verified reviews are not used in our product selections.

How We Test

Weather station testing is far from an exact science. However, we do follow a standard method to test our stations.

All stations tested are placed on the same mount in the same location at our testing site. Sensors are compared with analog instruments where possible, and when an analog instrument isn’t available, a nearby NOAA weather observing station is used.

The typical test lasts about 2-4 weeks, depending on the variability of the weather during the testing period. Select stations remain installed past the initial review period, allowing us to provide long-term reviews of these stations.

Our rating system is structured on a five-star scale, and a station must score three stars or higher in every category to be included in our recommendations. Here’s what the stars mean:

Five StarsSuperior or “best-in-class”
Four StarsAbove Average
Three StarsAverage, may have quirks or minor issues
Two StarsDeficient but useable
One StarSeriously deficient and/or non-functional

The four categories we use to come up with the final star rating are:

  • Accuracy
  • Durability/Construction
  • Feature Set
  • Value

Affiliate Disclosure

While The Weather Station Experts does not solicit or accept monetary contributions for reviews, we may from time to time be compensated for purchases made through links on our site. This may occur either through a relationship with a retailer offering the product or from the manufacturer directly.

This relationship does not influence how we test or affect our opinions on a product. For more, read our affiliate link policy.

FTC guidelines require us to disclose this relationship, and where such links are present, we include a disclosure in a prominent location visible to the reader.

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As Crazy About The Weather As We Are?We have just the place for you.

Don't miss a thing from The Weather Station Experts. Be the first to know about sales and limited-time deals. Unsubscribe at any time.