Pa. pileup exposes the need for better snow squall warnings

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As if the coldest late March weather in nearly three decades wasn’t enough to make headlines, unusually strong late-season snow squalls tore through central Pennsylvania Monday morning. One squall triggered a 50+ car pileup on Interstate 81 near Minersville, Pa., killing at least five. While meteorologists did provide warning of the squall, some question whether[…]

Which Ecowitt Weather Station Should I Buy? Our 5 Favorites

The largest home weather station manufacturers in the US are AcuRite, Ambient Weather, and Davis. However, buying one of these stations outside the United States is pretty expensive. In the rest of the world, Ecowitt is the largest home weather station manufacturer globally. Their stations are of such high quality that others license them for[…]

Temp Stick Review 2022: The Best Remote Temperature Sensor

As far as remote temperature sensors go, there aren’t a whole lot of options to choose from. Most of us opt for weather stations instead of a device like the Temp Stick, which is solely for measuring temperature and humidity. The Temp Stick is a small battery-operated device that measures the temperature and humidity inside[…]

The Average Atlantic Hurricane Season is More Active Than Ever

If you thought the average Atlantic hurricane season these days seems a bit worse than years past, you might be right. An analysis posted to Twitter by the University of Miami hurricane researcher Brian McNoldy shows our concept of normal tropical activity is about to get busier. In climatology, meteorologists use a three-decade period to[…]

The Best Amazon Prime Day Weather Station Deals

With summer here, it’s time to start looking forward to Prime Day 2022! While Amazon hasn’t officially announced the dates for its annual sales event, traditionally the event has been held in mid-to-late July. Along with deals on thousands of items, as with past years, we expect some great Prime Day weather station deals which[…]

When is Hurricane Season Where You Live? Get Prepared Now

The Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1 and runs through November 30. However, in reality, the hurricane season can start anytime from early May to late December. Several factors, including weather conditions in the tropics, upper-level winds, and sea surface temperatures, come into play. So, when does the hurricane season start? This blog will[…]

Hurricane Local Statement: What it Is and What it Means

A hurricane local statement is an emergency message that provides critical information about a hurricane. Your local National Weather Service forecast office issues this product, including information about the storm’s location, intensity, and expected impacts. Do not ignore these warnings. It is essential to read the hurricane local statement carefully. This blog post explains what[…]

What is a Tornado Watch?

Most common in the U.S. in the Great Plains and the Southeast, tornadoes are one of nature’s most violent weather events. Since thunderstorms always precede tornadoes, thunderstorms are prevalent in the same regions as tornadoes. The National Weather Service issues a tornado watch when severe thunderstorms capable of producing tornadoes are possible in an area.[…]

Which Kestrel Weather Meter Should I Buy? Consider These 5 Options

Kestrel weather meters are some of the best handheld weather stations on the market. Our favorite is the Kestrel 5500, but we can understand if that’s too expensive. There are a dizzying amount of options, making it difficult to choose. Below, we’ve listed what makes each Kestrel weather meter unique and who we recommend each[…]

The Sunniest Cities in the US are Also Some of the Driest

Sunshine is good for you. It’s a natural source of Vitamin D. It elevates your mood and has been shown to lower blood pressure. A sunny day makes outdoor activities that much more pleasant. If you love the sunshine, there’s no better place in America to be than the Desert Southwest. The region is home[…]

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