cheap weather station

Buying a Cheap Weather Station?

You'll want to read this before you do. There are better (and cheap) options

Weather watching is a fascinating hobby, but it’s certainly not a cheap one. Most weather stations can easily run into the hundreds of dollars, which prices out a significant number of us. If budget is a concern for you, a cheap weather station is probably your best bet.

Acurite weather station close up

What AcuRite Weather Station Should I Buy?

Explaining the differences between the AcuRite Notos, Iris, and Atlas

AcuRite is likely one of the world’s most prolific weather instrument manufacturers. Chances are you’ve seen at least one AcuRite weather station at your local retailer: retailers like Walmart, Target, and Home Depot sometimes sell the AcuRite weather stations (or both) in their brick-and-mortar stores.

Davis Vantage Pro2 ISS outside

Davis Vantage Pro2 Review

It may be over a decade old, but it's still the best by a mile

You might call the Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 the “granddaddy” of personal weather stations. This model has been around for the better part of two decades: I owned a first-generation Vantage Pro in the mid-2000s. It was the best weather station I ever owned and was worth every penny of the $500 I spent on it at the time.

WeatherFlow Tempest best home weather station

WeatherFlow Tempest Review

The Tempest has the best lightning detection and smart home support of any weather station

The WeatherFlow Tempest is a station I’ve been watching for years. The station first debuted on Indiegogo in late 2016 (no, that’s not a typo) and looked like nothing else on the market.

Davis weather station Vantage Vue mounted atop pole

Davis Vantage Vue Review

While it's dated and isn't expandable, the Vantage Vue is still a favorite

I’m somewhat biased: I’ve had my Davis Vantage Vue wireless weather station installed in my backyard since September 2016. But as a result, I can provide you with a long-term review with many more positives than negatives.

High Wind Warning

What is a High Wind Warning?

High winds can be very destructive, but these warnings give you advanced notice

The National Weather Service issues various wind warnings to warn the public of dangerous wind conditions. Wind warnings are issued when sustained wind speeds are expected to reach or exceed a certain speed for a certain amount of time.

stratus rain gauge mounted on fence

Stratus Rain Gauge Review

This CoCoRAHS-recommended rain gauge offers superb accuracy for less than $40

We usually only cover digital weather stations here on The Weather Station Experts, but the Stratus Precision Rain Gauge is something we think even current weather station owners should pick up.

Davis weather station Vantage Vue mounted atop pole

Which Davis Weather Station Should I Buy?

How to pick the right Davis weather station for your needs

We don’t make it a secret that we’re big fans of Davis weather stations. They might not be the fanciest home weather stations, but they have a proven record of reliability that few other companies can match.

WS-5000 sensor suite

What Ambient Weather Station Should I Buy?

We break down Ambient Weather's extensive weather station lineup

The Ambient Weather brand has been around a long time, initially a great place to find deals on all kinds of weather instruments, but now selling its own branded weather instruments and gadgets.