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Temp Stick Review

For remote temperature monitoring, there is no better option

As far as remote temperature sensors go, there aren’t a whole lot of options to choose from. Most of us opt for weather stations instead of a device like the Temp Stick, which is solely for measuring temperature and humidity.

ecowitt weather station HP2553

Which Ecowitt Weather Station Should I Buy?

These six home weather stations are top sellers worldwide

The US’s largest home weather station manufacturers are AcuRite, Ambient Weather, and Davis. However, buying one of these stations outside the United States is expensive. In the rest of the world, Ecowitt is the largest home weather station manufacturer globally.

WeatherFlow Tempest best home weather station

WeatherFlow Tempest Review

The Tempest has the best lightning detection and smart home support of any weather station

The WeatherFlow Tempest is a station I’ve been watching for years. The station first debuted on Indiegogo in late 2016 (no, that’s not a typo) and looked like nothing else on the market.

missouri highway flood 1993

30 Years Later: Remembering The Great Flood of 1993

The 1993 Midwest floods were the worst in US history

This summer marks three decades since the United States experienced one of its most significant and devastating natural disasters – the Great Flood of 1993. Affecting nine states across the Midwest and resulted in the loss of 50 lives, causing an estimated $15 billion in damages (approximately $30 million in …

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how to test your indoor air quality - a indoor air quality monitor is pictured.

How to Test Your Indoor Air Quality and Breathe Better

Home air quality testing is important even for homes with healthy individuals

Indoor air quality is a crucial aspect of our health and well-being that often goes unnoticed. With people spending an estimated 90% of their time indoors, the quality of the air we breathe inside our homes, workplaces, and schools can significantly impact our overall health. Poor indoor air quality has …

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Acurite weather station close up

Weather Station Maintenance

Follow this easy guide to keep your weather station operating optimally

You should get many years of trouble-free use out of your weather station, but only with regular weather station maintenance. However, to extend your station’s life as long as possible, you should regularly perform maintenance on your station.

WeatherFlow Tempest best home weather station

5 Weather Station Mounting Ideas

Mounting your weather station correctly improves accuracy dramatically

Congratulations on your weather station purchase! Now comes the (sometimes) hard part: finding a spot to install your station. You want your readings to be as accurate as possible. We’ve written this blog with some weather station mounting ideas for you to consider.

types of fronts weather map header image

Types of Fronts

Cold, warm, stationary, occluded, and drylines: here's an easy to follow guide

Ever wonder what the types of fronts you see on the weather map mean? As part of our continuing weather education series, we thought an explainer would be helpful.

sierra snow lab

Is the California Drought Over?

Less than 9% of the state remains in drought after winter rains

The parade of atmospheric rivers has put a dent in the California drought, with less than nine percent of the state still officially in drought conditions. This is according to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, which also found that the heavy winter rains also eliminated any severe drought in the state …

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Weather Station Manuals

Weather Station Manuals

Find instructions for your specific model below

Lost your weather station manual? Don’t panic; we got you covered. This helpful page lists weather station manuals for all the weather stations we recommend here on The Weather Station Experts. We’ve organized them by brand.