9 Cyber Monday Weather Station Deals on Amazon

Jenna Deutschman

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Save money with these great buys on popular models

Black Friday might be over, but there are plenty of great Cyber Monday weather station deals, including some new ones that have recently appeared.

As you might have guessed from our name, we have tested quite a few weather stations (and own quite a few too)! So what are the best weather station deals this holiday? We’ve found a few good deals so far, and will add to this list throughout the sale!

Before You Shop

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Not sure what to get? Let them pick. Amazon also offers Prime gift memberships for as little as $39. (We know from experience as weather geeks that you’ll buy much more once you start weather-watching!)

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The Best Cyber Monday Weather Station Deals

For the first time in at least two years, the entire Ambient Weather line is on sale for Cyber Monday, including a rare deal on the WS-5000!

  • Great full-color console
  • An impressive list of optional sensors
  • Smart home connectivity
  • Improved barometer and rainfall accuracy (from WS-2902 series)
  • Cumbersome console setup
  • Some sensors had to be reset to connect to console

At $360, the WS-5000 is at the best price it’s been all year, and if you’ve been holding off because of the $450 price tag, now’s the time to scoop the WS-5000 up. This deal likely ends at midnight Cyber Monday (Pacific Time), so don’t wait.

Ambient Weather WS-2000
Ambient Weather WS-2000
Ambient Weather WS-2000
Our Score

The Ambient Weather WS-2000 is a combination of two wireless home weather stations. The sensor array from the WS-2902 is combined with the TFT LCD console from the WS-5000, allowing for a cheaper alternative to the now $449 (MSRP) WS-5000. While this combination comes at the cost of accuracy, it adds some important functionality over the budget-minded WS-2902.

With Ambient Weather internet-connected stations, the communications are handled by the console. The cheaper color LCD console in the Ambient Weather WS-2902 package only supports the sensor suite. However, the TFT LCD console supports any accessory sensor Ambient Weather makes. It's not like the sensor suite is that inaccurate either: as we noted in our review, readings were often not far from our Davis Vantage Vue weather station.

We'd opt for the Ambient Weather WS-5000, as the sensor accuracy is better and requires little maintenance. But we'd understand why somebody would go for the WS-2000, given its much lower price.

The Ambient Weather WS-2000 is like a mix of the best of both the WS-2902 and WS-5000 in a more affordable package. The WS-2000 uses the WS-2902’s console but opts for the WS-5000’s console, which is a significant (and worthy) upgrade. The better console allows you to add optional sensors and view them on the console screen, something the WS-2902 cannot.

The early sale on the WS-2000 knocks 20% off the price on Amazon, which is about average.

  • Best value in terms of capabilities
  • Best-in-class smart home connectivity
  • Great accuracy for the price
  • Solid construction
  • Console readings update less frequently than other models

At least for now, the sale price on the WS-2902 is pretty disappointing, as it’s a good $20 above what it has been in the past. At this price, we’d shop around elsewhere, or wait and see if the deal gets better as we get closer to Black Friday — completely possible.

Regardless, the Ambient Weather WS-2902 weather station is incredibly compact and includes all the main components of a professional weather station at a fraction of the price, with accurate readings that rival stations many times its price. Professional equipment can cost hundreds of dollars for one instrument, so this weather station is a great deal.

If you are thinking about purchasing a beginner weather station that includes the basic weather monitoring instruments already pre-calibrated, this weather station is a great option.

The Ambient Weather WS-2902 features the following:

  • Integrated indoor and outdoor hygrometer/thermometer (relative humidity and temperature)
  • Cup anemometer (wind speed)
  • Wind vane (wind direction)
  • Rain gauge
  • Solar radiation and light intensity
  • Barometer (barometric pressure)
Ambient Weather WS-1965 WiFi Weather Station

The WS-1965 is Ambient's cheapest weather station with internet connectivity.

If you’re a Prime member, you can grab the WS-1965 for just $109, the lowest price we’ve seen since it debuted earlier this year. And it has internet connectivity, too!

Tempest Weather System
Tempest Weather System
Tempest Weather System
Our Score

WeatherFlow is a relatively recent entrant to the home weather station market, although it has years of experience. Its coastal network of professional weather stations has been delivering vital information to meteorologists for years and has proven useful (and durable) in landfalling hurricanes.

The Tempest Weather System is WeatherFlow's first attempt at a wireless home weather station. For the most part, it's a good start. It's the only one of our stations with built-in lightning detection, one of Tempest's standout features, and operates entirely on solar power.

We found that the real-time lightning data matched better with historical data than from professional lightning detection networks. It regularly detected distant lightning faster than any other station we've tested. In addition to lightning data, the Tempest measures indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, and UV and light intensity.

Wind is measured by a sonic anemometer which we found to be fairly accurate. And up until the Ecowitt Wittboy, the Tempest Weather System was the only home weather station to use a haptic rain sensor.

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While the WeatherFlow Tempest isn’t on sale on Amazon yet, we’ve been alerted to a promo code, ‘GIFT20,’ which will give you a bigger discount if you buy from WeatherFlow directly. The ship dates on the Tempest on Amazon do slip as we get closer to Black Friday (it’s one of their most popular selling models), so we recommend buying directly if possible (outside of the US, most places will need to use Amazon, WeatherFlow has previously told us).

The WeatherFlow Tempest connects real-time weather data to a well-designed smartphone app. The Tempest includes more precipitation metrics than the other weather stations, including rain intensity, duration, and net accumulation. It even features a lightning detector, making it a better option for areas with frequent thunderstorms and severe weather.

The Tempest weather station includes the following:

  • Reports of station pressure and sea level pressure
  • Pyranometer
  • Rain sensor (detects rain intensity, duration, and accumulation)
  • Ultrasonic wind sensor (measures wind direction and wind speed)
  • Lightning detector

This is just one of the many AcuRite Iris models available, however at least early on this is one of the models that is included in Amazon’s early deals. As it is an Iris model, it includes all the basic weather variables you’d expect, but doesn’t have the expandability of the Atlas.

More weather station deals to come.. keep checking back

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