22 Great Black Friday Weather Gifts We Know They’ll Love

Water Supply During A Grid Down Sit...

The holiday shopping season is here, and there are some great deals on weather gifts. We’ve rounded up 22 (that’s not a typo!) gifts for weather lovers for you to consider for the weather nerd in your life this holiday season, no matter the holiday you’re shopping for, whether it be Christmas, Hannukah, Festivus, or[…]

What is a Blizzard Warning? A Major Snowstorm is On the Way

Although blizzards are most common in the Great Plains, the upper Midwest, and the Northeastern U.S., blizzards can occur anywhere in the U.S., excluding the California coast and Gulf coast. Regions with colder temperatures and regular snowfall experience blizzards at a higher frequency, but blizzards can also happen in tropical areas at higher altitudes. The[…]

What is a Tornado Watch?

Most common in the U.S. in the Great Plains and the Southeast, tornadoes are one of nature’s most violent weather events. Since thunderstorms always precede tornadoes, thunderstorms are prevalent in the same regions as tornadoes. The National Weather Service issues a tornado watch when severe thunderstorms capable of producing tornadoes are possible in an area.[…]

What is a Severe Thunderstorm Watch?

Severe thunderstorms are common in the Southeast U.S and Midwest. However, they can happen almost anywhere (even in unusual places, like Alaska). If weather conditions are favorable for severe thunderstorms, the National Weather Service issues a severe thunderstorm watch. A severe thunderstorm watch is upgraded to a severe thunderstorm warning when severe weather is imminent. Read[…]

What is Particulate Matter and Why Is it Dangerous?

Whether you realize it or not, you encounter particulate matter every day. Particulate matter comes from numerous sources, including gas-burning vehicles, factories, and other industrial sources. When the particulate matter reaches high concentrations in a specific area, you will see haze or smoke that clouds your visibility. You can also find particulate matter indoors, but[…]

What is a Winter Storm Watch? What to Expect and Do Now

If weather conditions are favorable for hazardous winter weather in your area within 48 hours, then the National Weather Service issues a winter storm watch. Winter storm watches hint at the possibility of hazardous winter weather. Typically this includes heavy snow, sleet, significant amounts of freezing rain, the amount of which necessarily varies by region[…]

An Indoor Air Quality Monitor is a Must for Staying Healthy

Although outdoor air quality gets all the attention, monitoring your air quality indoors is essential too. Indoor pollutants pose a health risk if not monitored properly. Thankfully, indoor air quality monitors provide all the information you need to detect poor air quality, and when running an air purifier might be a good choice, or it’s[…]

What is an Ice Storm Warning? Prepare for a Severe Ice Storm

In the Northeastern US, ice storms are dangerous winter weather events that can cause extensive damage due to severe ice accumulation. Severe ice storms are commonplace in states like Vermont, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey during cold winters but have also occurred in states further south and west. The National Weather Service issues an[…]

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