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What is an Atmospheric River?

Get ready for rain (and snow in the winter)

Our atmosphere is constantly in motion. Weather systems are transported around the globe by this motion, with a narrow band of stronger winds called the ‘jet stream‘ providing much of this motion, which lies between cold and warm air masses.

Photo of Vostok station, where the coldest temperature ever recorded occurred.

What Was the Coldest Temperature Ever Recorded?

The Antarctic continent is home to some truly frigid weather

When we think about extreme weather conditions, the coldest temperatures on Earth often come to mind. This blog post will explore the coldest temperature ever recorded, where and when it happened, and why that location is so frigid. We’ll also look at other places known for their bone-chilling weather. Grab …

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rochester ny rainiest city in the us

What is the Rainiest City in the US?

If you thought Seattle was the rainiest US city, it's actually #6

Have you ever been stuck inside on a rainy day? It can be frustrating to stay inside when it is raining (although you could keep track of how much rain you’re getting with a weather station!). If you’re in the rainiest city in the US, it’s far more likely to be raining or snowing outside than sunny.

cloud types cumulus

What’s the Difference Between Weather and Climate?

Weather is the short term, and climate long term weather conditions

When most people think about the weather, they’re thinking about conditions in the short term—the current temperature, what it’s like outside, and whether or not it looks like it’s going to rain. On the other hand, climate refers to average weather conditions in a particular area over time.

key west warmest us cities

The Top 10 Warmest US Cities

If you like the warmth, then you'll want to move to Florida

As winter approaches, many people prepare for the cold weather and freezing temperatures. However, some towns don’t have to worry about dragging out the winter clothing from storage as the year ends. These locations have some of the best weather in the US if you’re into the heat.

sleet in a glove

What is Sleet?

When it's too warm to snow, and too cold to rain, sleet is often the result

In the average winter, most of us will have to deal with frozen precipitation, not just snow. One of these types is sleet, and we’ll explain how it forms and the difference between it and a hailstone.

Fairbanks Alaska from the University of Alaska Fairbanks

The Top 10 Coldest US Cities

You don't need to head to Alaska for cold weather in these US cities

Not a big fan of the heat? Can’t wait for the first snowfall? If you like cold weather here in the US, all you have to do in most cases is move north. All but one of the coldest cities in the US are found in the Upper Midwest, where frequent Arctic blasts make winters more brutal than the rest of the country, with some of the coldest temperatures outside of Alaska!

noreaster satellite image

What is a Nor’easter?

These winter events are some of the Northeast's largest snowstorms

Nor’easters are intense periods of snow and high wind that can last for days. While the term is most commonly associated with coastal storms that pass by the Northeastern US’ major cities, the term is used elsewhere, such as in Europe.

sleet vs freezing rain ice on branches

Sleet vs Freezing Rain vs Hail

Explaining the differences between these winter and summer weather events

Sleet vs freezing rain: which winter weather phenomena would you rather deal with? While both create a whole host of headaches, one is far more hazardous than the other.

what is a snow squall

What are Snow Squalls?

These 'mini-blizzards' can bring everything to an abrupt standstill, and end just as quick

It happens every winter. Drivers are caught off guard by icy roads and a sudden wind gust, the arrival of cold air, and a burst of snow so heavy you can’t see the car in front of you. It’s called a snow squall and is more common than people think.