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What’s the Difference Between Weather and Climate?

When most people think about the weather, they’re thinking about conditions in the short term—the current temperature, what it’s like outside, and whether or not it looks like it’s going to rain. On the other hand, climate refers to average weather conditions in a particular area over time.

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What is an Outflow Boundary?

An outflow boundary is a meteorological term that refers to the boundary between two air masses created by a thunderstorm’s downdraft. If you’ve ever stood outside during a thunderstorm and felt the cool rush of air preceding a storm, you’ve experienced an outflow boundary.

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The Sunniest US Cities

Sunshine is good for you. It’s a natural source of Vitamin D. It elevates your mood and has been shown to lower blood pressure. A sunny day makes outdoor activities that much more pleasant. If you love the sunshine, there’s no better place in America to be than the Desert Southwest.

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When is Hurricane Season Where You Live?

The National Hurricane Center says the Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on June 1 and runs through November 30. However, in reality, hurricanes can happen anytime from early May to late December.

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Squall line on the way? Take cover now

A squall line is a line of strong and severe thunderstorms common in the spring and summer and often produce strong winds, lightning, heavy rain, and hail. Squall lines often form ahead of cold fronts but can develop independently if several strong thunderstorms merge.


What is a Microburst?

Weather is a complex and fascinating subject, with numerous phenomena occurring all around the globe. One such event, a microburst, can be as captivating as … Read more

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The Difference Between Isolated and Scattered Thunderstorms

When most people think of thunderstorms, they imagine a large, dark storm cloud that pops up in the afternoon and evening, bringing strong winds and heavy rain. This type of storm is called an air mass thunderstorm. However, two other types of thunderstorms often precede frontal passages in the summer.

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What is the Windiest Place on Earth?

In a previous blog, we talked about the windiest cities in the United States. However, there are far windier places on our planet. That got us thinking: what is the windiest place on Earth? It turns out that there are places far windier than Chicago, the nation’s windy city.

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10 Windiest US Cities

Chicago is called “America’s Windy City.” It earned this nickname because of its windy winters. However, is Chicago the windiest city in America? To find out, we compiled data on the 10 windiest cities in the US. The results might surprise you.

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When is Hurricane Season in Florida?

You already know that hurricane season can be a big deal if you live in Florida, as it more tropical storms and hurricanes affect the state than any location in the US. But when is hurricane season in Florida, and when does it end?

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What is the Jet Stream?

The jet stream is a narrow band of strong winds in the upper levels of Earth’s atmosphere, and it blows from west to east and provides a corridor for storms to follow as they circumnavigate the globe. Jet streams form along the boundaries of warm and cold air, and the wiggles of the jet stream play a large part in the weather you experience.

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What is El Niño?

El Niño is returning this year, with significant effects expected for our weather in 2023. El Niño’s return comes after three straight years of La … Read more