Best Prime Day 2024 Weather Station Deals

Prime Day is here, and we’re busy searching for all the great deals. Along with deals on thousands of items, we found some great Prime Day weather station deals that you’ll want to check out.

Lightning striking over city skyline at night.

15 Lightning Safety Tips That Will Keep You Safe in a Storm

In a thunderstorm, there is no safe place outside. Finding shelter quickly is critical. The sound of thunder often precedes a storm by only a few miles, and fast-moving storms can give you little time to find shelter. But it’s better to take cover long before you hear the first rumbles of thunder.

hurricane season evacuation route sign

When is Hurricane Season Where You Live?

The National Hurricane Center says the Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on June 1 and runs through November 30. However, in reality, hurricanes can happen anytime from early May to late December.

airthings wave plus indoor air quality monitor for the home

How indoor air quality monitors can improve your health

Although outdoor air quality gets all the attention, monitoring your air quality indoors is essential too. Indoor pollutants pose a health risk if not monitored properly. Thankfully, indoor air quality monitors provide all the information you need to detect poor air quality.

hurricane season in florida

When is Hurricane Season in Florida?

You already know that hurricane season can be a big deal if you live in Florida, as it more tropical storms and hurricanes affect the state than any location in the US. But when is hurricane season in Florida, and when does it end?

talos lightning detector how does a lightning detector work

How Lightning Detectors Work

Have you ever wondered how lightning forms? Have you thought about how meteorologists can detect lightning? Lightning is a mysterious phenomenon in weather prediction; it is impossible to predict accurately but can be tracked with a lightning detector.

Graphic showing el nino in terms of departures from the average sea surface temperature of the Pacific.

What is El Niño?

El Niño is returning this year, with significant effects expected for our weather in 2023. El Niño’s return comes after three straight years of La … Read more

el reno tornado

Remembering the El Reno Tornado of May 31, 2013

On May 31, 2013, a tornado struck El Reno, Oklahoma. This tornado was historic because it was the widest tornado and had some of the fastest ground wind speeds ever recorded by mobile radar – 296 mph. The El Reno tornado didn’t cause significant damage, as it passed through mainly rural areas around El Reno and west of Oklahoma City. However, the loss of life, including three experienced storm chasers’ deaths, shocked the meteorological community.

cheap weather station

Buying a Cheap Weather Station?

Weather watching is a fascinating hobby, but it’s certainly not a cheap one. Most weather stations can easily run into the hundreds of dollars, which prices out a significant number of us. If budget is a concern for you, a cheap weather station is probably your best bet.

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