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Whether its freezing rain, sleet, or snow, ice storms or blizzards, you can learn all about winter storms right here.

What is a Nor’easter?

TWSE Explains

Nor'easters are intense periods of snow and high wind that can last for days. While the term is most commonly associated with coastal storms that pass by the Northeastern US' major cities, the term is used elsewhere, such as in Europe.

What is a Winter Storm Watch?

Johnathan Orellana

If weather conditions are favorable for hazardous winter weather in your area within 48 hours, then the National Weather Service issues a winter storm watch. Winter storm watches hint at the possibility of hazardous winter weather.

What is a Blizzard?

TWSE Explains

A blizzard is a severe snowstorm that produces extensive wintry precipitation over a large area, including heavy snow and powerful winds, typically accompanied by freezing temperatures.