hurricane season evacuation route sign

When is Hurricane Season Where You Live?

The National Hurricane Center says the Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on June 1 and runs through November 30. However, in reality, hurricanes can happen anytime from early May to late December.

Colorful jet stream visualization over Earth's Western Hemisphere.

What is the Jet Stream?

The jet stream is a narrow band of strong winds in the upper levels of Earth’s atmosphere, and it blows from west to east and provides a corridor for storms to follow as they circumnavigate the globe. Jet streams form along the boundaries of warm and cold air, and the wiggles of the jet stream play a large part in the weather you experience.

realfeel temperature

What is the RealFeel Temperature?

Weather forecasts provide valuable information about the expected temperature and weather conditions. However, the actual temperature can sometimes differ from what the thermometer indicates. This … Read more