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Wondering what we’ve bought over the years? We’ve created this quick list of weather stations and gadgets we recommend, all of which we have used or currently use at our home. This list includes weather stations, books we’re reading, and more. We’ll update this from time to time as we acquire more (and don’t worry, there’s always something new we want!).

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Why you can trust our recommendations

We have experience with all the products and companies we recommend here on TWSE. Our review staff includes degreed meteorologists and scientists, some of whom have owned the products they review for several years. Our staff has reviewed home weather gadgets for over a decade both on TWSE and elsewhere.

How we test

A weather station or gadget must score highly in our scoring metrics in several key areas, including accuracy, value, durability, ease of use, and feature set. We accept products for review, but we do not accept compensation in exchange for a positive review.

Affiliate Disclosure

The Weather Station Experts participates in affiliate programs including Amazon Associates. We may receive a commission from clicking links on our site.

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