Best Handheld Weather Stations and Anemometers for 2023

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Most readers come to our site looking for information on väderstationer för hemmabruk. That’s why we’ve spent a lot of time reviewing stations from various manufacturers. But what if you need to know the weather conditions no matter where you are? Then a handheld väderstation or handheld anemometer is a gadget you might want to consider.

As its name suggests, these devices are portable väderstationer operated using only one hand. Handheld anemometers (or wind meters) are the most common, more advanced handheld weather stations (or weather meters) measure not only wind but also temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and other features like dew point, wind chill, heat index, wet bulb temperature, and altitude. Most devices offer a backlit display, making them perfect for low light conditions and are drop-tested by the manufacturer to ensure durability.

It’s like a high-end weather station in the palm of your hand — and some cost as much money as those high-end weather stations. Many models are also waterproof, making them perfect for use in the elements. For more details on some of the best models, keep reading.

How Our Handheld Weather Station Reviews are Different

Till skillnad från många andra webbplatser, vi testar de produkter vi rekommenderar eller har direkt experience with the company. We test select handheld weather stations for several weeks, giving us critical insight into long-term reliability, something a quick review cannot. You can see our testprotokoll här och vår betygsformel här.

We’ve also developed a 100-point rating system that judges each handhållen väderstation tested on the same metrics. We judge accuracy (or performance), affordability, durability, feature set, and ease of use. These categories are weighted to emphasize accuracy and affordability — which makes up half of a handheld weather station’s score itself.

However, a candidate for the Best Handheld Weather Station of 2023 can’t only be a great value: it must have accurate measurements, be user-friendly, and have excellent build quality. Our granska personal har många års erfarenhet av att använda väderstationer och instrument för hemmabruk: vissa är utbildade meteorologer och forskare. Våra skribenter undersöker självständigt varje enhet: vi rekommenderar inte en station bara för att en tillverkare skickar den till oss.

Vår Handheld Weather Station Buyer’s Guide har mer information om var och en av väderstationerna nedan.

Våra val

Redaktörens val: Kestrel 5000 with LiNK

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Best for Features and Value: Kestrel 3500 Vädermätare med mörkerseende

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Best for Outdoor Work: Kestrel 3000 Heat Stress Monitor

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Bästa värde: Kestrel 2000 Weather Meter

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Best Value – Runner Up: Ambient Weather WM-5

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Bästa valet för proffs: Kestrel 5500 with LiNK

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Hedersomnämnande: BTMETER BT-100

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Mer från TWSE

There’s no doubt about it: the Kestrel 5000 is a beast of a handheld weather station. While the Kestrel 5500 is the company’s top-of-the-line model, the additional functionality you get is primarily targeted towards wind-sensitive uses (crosswind, tailwind, etc.) You won’t need that in most cases. As a result, the Kestrel 5000 is $80 cheaper (MSRP).

We’d strongly recommend purchasing the model with LiNK. Using a mobile phone and Kestrel’s app, you can view data up to 100 feet away from the device, making it useful for taking fixed readings without having to stand in the elements to do it.

Best for Features & Value
Kestrel 3500 Vädermätare med mörkerseende
$314.79 $198.40

Kestrel 3500 är den övre kategorin av företagets billigare modeller och mäter de flesta av de vanligaste vädervariablerna, plus några extra.

  • Altitud (barometrisk)
  • Barometriskt tryck
  • Daggpunktstemperatur
  • Index för värmestress
  • Relativ luftfuktighet
  • Temperatur (luft och vatten)
  • Våt temperatur (psykrometrisk)
  • Vindkylning
  • Wind Speed/Air Speed
Mått: .8 x 1.7 x 0.7 in. / 122 x 42 x 18 mm
Vikt: 2,3 ounce / 65 gram
Strömförsörjning: CR2032-batteri
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11/26/2023 09:24 am GMT

We understand that many might find the Kestrel 5500 to be a bit of overkill — after all, it’s Kestrel’s top-of-the-line weather meter. If you’re looking for something a bit simpler that’s also much friendlier on the pocketbook, then we’d suggest the Kestrel 3500 weather meter instead. It has all of the functionality of the 5500 but lacks the internal compass and data-logging functionality.

For most of us, that’s not going to be that big of an issue. Also, the Kestrel 3500 is a little more compact than the 5500, as it uses the same CR2032 battery as some of Kestrel’s cheaper models (the 5500 uses AA batteries). If you’re sticking this in your pocket when it’s not in use, that might matter.

Best for Outdoor Work
Kestrel 3000 Vädermätare/Hettestressmätare

För dig som befinner dig i värmen erbjuder Kestrel 3000 värmeindexmätningar för att se till att du håller dig sval.

  • Daggpunktstemperatur
  • Index för värmestress
  • Relativ luftfuktighet
  • Temperatur (luft och vatten)
  • Vindkylning
  • Vindhastighet
Mått: 5 x 1.8 x 1.1 in. / 127 x 45 x 28 mm
Vikt: 3.6 ounces / 102 grams
Strömförsörjning: CR2032-batteri
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11/26/2023 11:28 am GMT

A step up from the Kestrel 2000, which adds temperature to the wind meter, is the Kestrel 3000. With humidity also measure, the device can measure variables like dewpoint and heat index. That’s why the company’s dubbed it a “heat stress monitor,” and we think this would be useful for those that spend a lot of time outdoors for work.

However, if you don’t have a real use for this data, we’d recommend stepping down to the much more reasonably priced Kestrel 2000. The nice thing about Kestrel meters is that the instrumentation is generally the same across the entire line, so you’re not losing accuracy, just features.

Bästa värde
Kestrel 2000 Vind- och temperaturmätare
$129.00 $99.00

Kestrel 2000 lägger till en temperatursensor till Kestrel 1000, vilket vi tycker gör den till en bättre affär.

  • Maximal vindstöt
  • Genomsnittlig vindhastighet
  • Temperatur (luft, vatten och snö)
  • Vindkylning
Mått: 4,8 x 1,7 x 0,7 in. / 122 x 42 x 18 mm
Vikt: 2,3 ounce / 65 gram
Strömförsörjning: CR2032-batteri
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11/26/2023 09:08 am GMT

The Kestrel 2000 Pocket Wind and Temperature Meter is Kestrel’s higher-end handheld anemometer before you get into their “weather meters,” which is a majority of their line. Running on just a CR2032 watch battery, like all Kestrel meters the Kestrel 2000 is waterproof and tested to military standards and is made right here in the U.S. at its suburban Philadelphia factory.

In addition to wind speed readings, the Kestrel 2000 wind meter also includes a digital thermometer, which adds the capability to measure temperature and wind chill. This is a great pick for those looking for a higher-end handheld wind meter without all the bells and whistles of a handheld weather station.

Ambient Weather makes our rankings for the Best Handheld Weather Station of 2022 with the WM-5 Handheld Weather Meter. The feature set of the WM-5 is much like the Kestrel 3500, although the WM-5 is only water-resistant and not waterproof. If you’re not using your handheld weather station in harsh conditions or near water, that might not be that big of an issue.

Reviews of the device are surprisingly good, with most users reporting that the readings are accurate and the device is easy to use. One big complaint however is the battery life, which users report is far less than other similar weather meters. That said, the company does get high marks for its customer support if anything goes wrong.

In terms of price, the Kestrel 5500 Weather Meter is as expensive (if not more) as some of the weather stations we’ve reviewed. But there’s a reason for this: all those instruments are packed into this beast of a handheld weather station. In addition to temperature and wind speed, the Kestrel 5500 can measure humidity and barometric pressure. An internal compass can also tell you wind direction and calculate headwind, tailwind, and crosswind when the Kestrel 5500 is used with an optional vane mount.

Another cool feature of the 5500 is LiNK, Kestrel’s connectivity platform. Using a mobile phone and Kestrel’s app, you can view data up to 100 feet away from the device.

Best Budget Wind Meter
BTMETER BT-100 Handheld Anemometer
$35.99 $30.99

The BT-100 has quickly become a popular alternative, thanks to its rock bottom price. However, that does come at the expense of accuracy.

  • Vindhastighet
  • Temperatur
  • Vindkylning
Mått: 6.49 x 3.34 x 1.49 inches
Vikt: 8.8 ounces
Strömförsörjning: 2 'AAA' batteries
Köp nu
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11/28/2023 02:40 am GMT

If your budget is super tight, the BTMETER BT-100 wind speed meter is a popular seller on Amazon (as well as a popular alternative among TWSE readers, too). For casual use, the BT-100 is perfect as it retails for under $40, and measures all of the commonly included variables like temperature, wind, and wind chill.

But the BT-100 isn’t necessarily built for this use: instead, it (and other copycat models on Amazon) are for technicians to test the performance of HVAC units. But buyers are using it for weather, and with a good degree of success too. Keep in mind that wind readings max out at 67mph, and the margin of error is a rather large 5% — far bigger than any of our previous recommendations.

Tänk också på

Kestrel 1000 Vindmätare
$99.00 $79.00

Instegsmodellen Kestrel 1000 mäter endast vindhastigheter och är perfekt för budgetmedvetna väderobservatörer.

  • Vindhastighet och vindbyar
Mått: 4,8 x 1,7 x 0,7 in. / 122 x 42 x 18 mm
Vikt: 2,3 ounce / 65 gram
Strömförsörjning: CR2032-batteri
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11/26/2023 10:28 am GMT

If you don’t need any bells and whistles and just need a great handheld anemometer, consider the Kestrel 1000 wind meter. It’s built the same way as the Kestrel 2000, just without the temperature sensor. Since it’s of similar construction, the accuracy is the same too — as it shares the same turbine that the more expensive models do.

If accuracy is a concern for you, we don’t think a budget wind meter will serve you well. The Kestrel 1000 is more expensive than most other wind meters we’ve seen, but we think the added cost is worth it. Overall, we’re very impressed with Kestrel’s lineup, and it’s the reason why you’ll see their devices quite a bit in this list.

Vanliga frågor och svar

Här är några av de vanligaste frågorna från läsarna.

How does a handheld anemometer work?

Handheld anemometers are actually simple devices: a small turbine, some electrical components, a screen, and a case. To use the device, you face the wind and hold up the device with one hand in the air. The turbine spins and is converted to either mph or km/h and reported on the device’s screen. Some offer software that connects to the device and downloads weather data for later review.

How does a handheld weather station work?

The handheld weather station is like a souped-up version of the handheld anemometer. In addition to wind speed, these devices can report on temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure. While they look almost identical, the handheld weather station will also have an additional visible sensor where the temperature and relative humidity are measured.

Are handheld anemometers and weather stations accurate?

Generally yes, and some to within +/-2% of the actual reading. However, how you use them is critical. For accurate wind readings, you must face directly into the wind, and for the handheld weather station, it’s a good idea to give it some time in the open air to “acclimate” the sensor. You will get more accurate temperature and relative humidity readings as a result.

Choosing a handheld weather station

There are a lot of options when it comes to wind and weather meters, believe it or not. We were overwhelmed by the sheer number we found on Amazon from a variety of manufacturers. However, two names rise to the top, namely Kestrel and Ambient Weather. But there are a few other names to consider.

So what should you look for in a handheld weather station? Read on for a few tips.


Accuracy is a key variable to consider. Generally, as you increase in price, accuracy will improve. Some models may have accuracy down to +/-2%, but these devices are among the most expensive. Keep in mind that these devices require you to stand facing the wind head-on, and that might not be easy to do when wind speeds are high.

A less accurate wind meter will only compound that error. We always recommend considering accuracy first before price, even if you’re looking for a budget model.


Wind and weather meters are meant to be used outdoors, so device construction is important. If you are using the device in harsher environments, ensure it is built well, which most higher-end devices are. For those using their devices casually, durability is far less of a concern. Many of them are waterproof.


While most weather meters are all built the same, some may offer different functionality. One common feature added to these devices is temperature. Some, like those used in firefighting, might also include a humidity sensor.

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handheld weather station kestrel 3000


For the price, the Ambient Weather meters are a good deal. However, we’d recommend considering the Kestrel Weather Meter, as they have more functionality and are more durable (and waterproof). We’ve created a post summarizing those recommendations, which you can find here.

Varför du kan lita på våra rekommendationer

Vi har erfarenhet av alla produkter och företag som vi rekommenderar här på TWSE. Vår granskningspersonal inkluderar examinerade meteorologer och vetenskapsmän, av vilka några har ägt de produkter de granskar i flera år. Vår personal har recenserat väderprylar för hemmet i över ett decennium både på TWSE och på andra ställen.

Hur vi testar

En väderstation eller gadget måste få höga poäng i våra mätetal för poängsättning inom flera viktiga områden, bland annat noggrannhet, värde, hållbarhet, användarvänlighet och funktioner. Vi tar emot produkter för granskning, men vi accepterar inte ersättning i utbyte mot en positiv recension.

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