Which Ecowitt Weather Station Should I Buy? Our 5 Favorites

The US’s largest home weather station manufacturers are AcuRite, Ambient Weather, and Davis. However, buying one of these stations outside the United States is expensive. In the rest of the world, Ecowitt is the largest home weather station manufacturer globally. Their stations are of such high quality that others license them for sale in their[…]

Davis Vantage Vue vs Vantage Pro2: It’s a Tough Choice

We don’t make it a secret that we’re big fans of Davis weather stations. They might not be the fanciest home weather stations, but they have a proven record of reliability that few other companies can match. Their stations last for decades and measured the highest wind speed recorded by a personal weather station, 199mph![…]

The Best Weather Station for Kids, No Matter What Age They Are

Weather stations are a great way for kids to explore what’s going on outside. Children can easily understand and interact with changing weather patterns, whether sunny or rainy. These tools can spark a lifelong interest in science and teach kids about weather phenomena. Choosing the appropriate weather station for kids is essential. Younger children need[…]

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